Barry Plant reports another record growth period

Victorian franchise group Barry Plant are reporting another round of record sales figures for the March to May quarter of 2016.

Barry Plant are reporting growth of 4.3% in the number of properties sold in the March-to-May quarter this year, which they say defies the current market trend. They have also reported a 24% increase in gross sales value, and a rise of more than 19% in gross commissions across its eighty-office network.

Group CEO, Mike McCarthy, says the drop in sales volumes combined with a surge in the number of real estate agents and lead interceptors in the market has increased competitive pressure across the industry.

“The last two to three years have seen a fairly tight listing market, and we are mindful of keeping on the front foot of market conditions,” Mike says. “We have always had a strong emphasis on training and professional development. Our training is constantly evolving so that our network learns how to get the most out of market conditions as they change.”

The group has held fast to its philosophy of giving customers the same level of service during strong periods as when times are tougher. “It’s easy to get complacent when the market is buoyant,” Mike says. “But we never take our customers for granted.”

Mike adds that the group’s relentless effort into lead generation, both in digital and traditional platforms, has also helped keep them ahead of the market.

The Barry Plant Group refreshed its branding earlier this year which they say has also been part of their success in the past quarter.

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