Barry Plant “Oak Club” celebrates longevity

At a gala event at the Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne last week, Barry Plant Group Directors, Vic Care and Mike McCarthy welcomed 65 new people to their prestigious Oak Club.

The Oak Club was created in 2000 to acknowledge the loyalty and contributions of people who have been with the Barry Plant Group for 10 years or more. The oak tree was selected as the symbol for the club because it is known for its strength, longevity and endurance – all characteristics of Oak Club members.

The club now has 173 members in total who are still working under the Barry Plant brand with 21 of those people having been with the group for over 20 years.

Jim Hatzimoisis – John and Helen Nakic Directors St Albans office celebrating 32 years with Barry Plant

Harry Kontossis, Director of Barry Plant Reservoir and Angelo Nestor, Director of Barry Plant Glenroy, were presented with plaques to acknowledge their 40 years’ service with the group.

Special recognition was also given to the 14 offices who have operated under the Barry Plant brand for 30 years or more with seven clocking up in excess of 35 years.

CEO, Mike McCarthy, believes that this level of loyalty to a brand is priceless. “For people to commit to working for just the one brand for, in many instances, the majority of their working life is really unusual. It’s also very humbling that so many people commit to the Barry Plant family over so many years.

“We’ve always focussed on culture in our group and, despite our size, believe we have the camaraderie, close relationships and commitment to nurturing people that is often only achieved in smaller organisations.”

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