Sadhana Smiles

Sadhana Smiles recently became the CEO of Harcourts NSW. She has held several senior positions with some of the sectors most significant organisations in VIC and NSW. Sadhana has built a career upon strong leadership and driving businesses to become more engaged, connected, agile, resourceful and memorable.
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    Strategic Intelligence

    Setting yourself apart from the competition can be difficult unless you truly know what you are up against. In an excerpt from her book People Power: Did You Have Them @ Hello? CEO of Harcourts Victoria, Sadhana Smiles, has some advice on how to gain the ‘Intel’ you need to get ahead in the game. One of the most common…

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    Women – Know your Place!

    Sadhana Smiles took her place in the boardroom as CEO of Harcourts NSW in October 2011. Now, as CEO of Harcourts Victoria, she still remains one of the few female CEOs in the Real Estate Industry. Based on recent events in the media, she believes it is very difficult for men in corporate Australia to understand some of the issues…

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    When service becomes overzealous

    Have you ever devised a customer service process that irritated your customers more than delighted them? The key to success, says Sadhana Smiles, is to make sure that you understand that everyone is different, and adjust your processes accordingly. Delivering that “blow away” client experience is what most businesses strive to do. We create processes that support this goal, train…

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