Melanie Hoole

Melanie Hoole from is a digital specialist. Her inbound marketing formula sets real estate agents up to attract home vendors and generate new business leads. For more information, visit or read more #digithoole insights at
  • When used to its maximum potential, content marketing can mean big benefits and more vendor inquiries for your real estate business. Melanie Hoole explains. Compared with many other industries, such as motoring, travel and insurance, real estate is still lagging behind when it comes to content marketing. A softer approach than direct selling, content marketing is about sharing useful, compelling…

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  • Personal branding – it’s the buzzword of the moment, and for real estate agents, it is critical to every sale. Standing you apart from the crowd, making you memorable to vendors, authentic personal branding can be the difference between success and failure. We all know that effective branding is a critical component to business success. From the start-up handing out…

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  • Thank you our Week 3 sponsor:  Campaigntrack who provided the Super Six a truly amazing offer of investing into their marketing (both personal and property makeovers) a total package worth $15,000 each, total value $90,000.  Coaches: Stu Benson and Melanie Hoole Coaching Links: See how Campaigntrack has provided the Super Six personal and property marketing makeovers here  Video Notes/Transcript 00:00 Introduction and Session Overview:…

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