Auction Tool Gavl to facilitate electronic signatures and transfers

Real estate auction platform Gavl has launched new features on its app, making it easier for buyers and vendors to sign contracts electronically and complete deposit transfers.

Commenting on the updates, Gavl co-founder Joel Smith said he hopes to make Gavl the one-stop shop to complete auction transactions.

“The additional tools that Gavl provides on the app will ensure buyers and agents experience a smooth and convenient process. Having every step of the sales transaction done digitally from beginning to end makes it accessible for potential buyers in any location,” he said.

Through the app, once a buyer is registered and verified by an agent they are able to bid on an auction.

If the buyer is successful, agents can facilitate electronic contract signing via Docusign and initiate the deposit transfer directly into the nominated trust account through a third-party integration, and both parties are provided a receipt of the deposit transfer.

“We’ve partnered with absolute leaders in their respective industries to allow us to offer secure, legal and simplified digital solutions which not only solve the problem of a vendor or buyer not being there in person to complete an auction sale, but provide a more efficient and secure process in general.

“We understand how much is done through smartphone apps these days, so we’ve made the entire auction transaction process completable on your phone,” Mr Smith said.

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