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Ask the coach – Supporting new leaders

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Q: I’m a Principal used to managing the PM team, and I’ve just employed a new team leader. How do I step back and allow them to be successful?

A: Stepping back and handing the reins over to someone new is a challenge, especially if that person is new to the leadership space. If they are an existing team member, there is also the challenge of moving from a property manager to a department manager.

Suddenly, they need to be leading their teammates and holding them accountable. It’s a new set of expectations for everyone. The key is managing this change effectively. Firstly, remember they aren’t you, and won’t manage the team like you. They need to have your support to be their own kind of leader. Help them find what works for them by being authentic to who they are.

Effective communication is imperative to successful leadership. Choosing the right language, asking the smart questions and knowing when to stop and listen will give them confidence in the new role. Mistakes will happen, but that’s OK so long as there is learning.

Encourage new leaders to ask for help, especially when things get tough, but ensure they are empowered to make their own decisions. While support is crucial, so is time. Of course, you want an effective, inspiring, well-respected leader in your business. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

Give them time, aligned with clear expectations. Define what success looks like so that you can keep them accountable along the way.

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Lauren Kirk

Lauren holds over 14 years in the real estate industry and has accumulated a vast amount of experience all aspects of real estate, including sales, property management, business development and leadership as well as working with a corporate network to grow and develop their businesses.