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Ask the coach: How to stay on top of the repairs and maintenance process

Q. My repairs and maintenance always seem to be out of control. How do I get on top of this process?

In terms of property management, it can sometimes be what feels like a never-ending mountain.

Having a sound process in place to handle maintenance can really save you time and stress down the track.

Data is your goldmine, so ensure that any repairs and maintenance is entered in your software for tracking and follow up.

If you have access to portals, utilise those systems to streamline your process.

Email work orders directly to your trades and even tenants, which also provides tracking and history.

Follow up is key and scheduling time weekly to go over outstanding items – Friday is a great day for this – can help you stay in control and up-to-date on the status of repairs.

Send a courtesy message or make a call to the landlord to advise when the invoice will be paid from their account.

A small message can go a long way to reducing your owner’s budget stress.

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Heidi Walkinshaw

Heidi Walkinshaw has been immersed in property management for over 14 years, dealing in all aspects from leasing, property management, business development and team management. For more info visit realplus.com.au.