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Ask the Coach: How to start a conversation to begin prospecting open home attendees

Ready to help in 2018 with no question too big or too small is Kate Benjamin, one of our expert PM Coaches from Real+, this week talking rent roll growth.

Q. My principal wants me to begin prospecting our sales open home attendees. What should I say to them?

When it comes to leveraging your sales team, direct referrals from salespeople will only get us so far. Your principal is 100 per cent correct that having the BDM contact all open home attendees, not just those directly referred by sales, is a sure-fire way to increase the number of leads generated.

When it comes to working with prospective purchasers, the easiest way to start up the conversation is to offer them the pre-prepared rental appraisal for the property.

Consider this dialogue: “Hi (insert potential investor name here), it’s Kate calling from Real+ Real Estate. This is a very brief courtesy call to see if you require the rent return information for the property you inspected with Matt from our office on Saturday?”

From here we can quickly establish whether they are an investor or owner occupier and take the opportunity to open the conversation into any current investments they may have or be looking to purchase in the future.

Once we have identified any potential lead, time to either get them into our investor database or thank them for their time and move onto the next call.

Short and sweet does the trick!

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Kate Benjamin

At REAL+, Kate Benjamin focuses on linking business needs to highly desirable outcomes around team, client engagement and rent roll growth. For more information visit realplus.com.au.