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Ask the coach: How to maintain a sense of urgency in the letting process

Q. My team seems to get busy with ‘PM life’ and forget the importance of urgency during the letting process. I think sometimes enquiries are missed. How can we improve in this area?

The first thing I would suggest is that you ensure you have a clear set of minimum standards when it comes to the leasing process; namely, that all enquiries are returned within the same business day and that all applications are turned around within 24 to 48 hours.

Once these expectations are set, clearly communicate them to the team.

I would then recommend doing some mystery shopping and letting the team know that at any time they can expect to be ‘mystery shopped’ with a focus on the rental enquiry return time.

Additionally, set an expectation that email should be used as a confirmation tool and that phone conversations remain the best method for getting more prospective tenants to inspections.

Challenge your team to participate in some phone role-play, teach them how to sell the prospective tenants on the property you have and get more attendees at their viewings.

Finally, if your office offers only open for inspections or only private inspections, encourage the team to mix it up and experiment with times to suit prospective tenants, while remaining effective in their use of their own time and ideal week.

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