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Ask the coach: How to know if you’re ready to implement new technology

Our expert property management coach, Lauren Kirk, answers the question on implementing new technology and what you really need.

Q. My team are always wanting to implement new technology. How do I know what we really need?

It’s easy to get distracted by that bright shiny object that promises to ‘make life easier’. Your teams are constantly inundated with an abundance of new technology promising to save time, improve communication, create better reporting… the list goes on!

Whilst I am certainly one for implementing technology and cutting corners to save time (without increasing risk!) it’s important that what is used is effective. So, before investing in the next big thing, take check of what’s currently in place.

  1. List all tech being used. Is everyone using the same tech for the same task?
  2. Look at the benefits and outcomes you want (for your team and clients).
  3. Is it still relevant? Are your team using 100 per cent of the features available?
  4. Who is your tech champion? Someone should own this space, to investigate, gauge use, implement new and reduce old.

At the end of the day, we need to ensure that tech is going to save time, integrate with current systems and increase profit and growth. Every business is different, so use what is right for you now. Then review and implement new tech as your business changes.

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Lauren Kirk

Lauren holds over 14 years in the real estate industry and has accumulated a vast amount of experience all aspects of real estate, including sales, property management, business development and leadership as well as working with a corporate network to grow and develop their businesses.