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Ask the coach: How to keep your BDM accountable for better results

Our expert property management coach, Kate Benjamin, answers the question on keeping your BDM accountable to get better results.

Q. How do I hold my BDM accountable to get better results?

The first step to holding any team member accountable is being ultra-clear on your expectations. What does success look like in their role?

As a leader, determining the success measurement for a BDM starts with identifying what has been achieved up until now and setting a goal that will stretch the BDM, grow the business and is realistically achievable provided the right effort is applied.

For those sales-minded BDM types (myself included), if a growth goal is completely out of reach it will simply act as a demotivator. Involve the BDM in the goal-setting process. Start with your end goal, whether that’s total properties to be gained or an increase in overall revenue, and work backwards through the goal-setting process.

If a growth goal is completely out of reach it will simply act as a demotivator.

Identify the actions that must be taken to achieve those goals and hit the overall target. This will include gains, listings, appraisals, calls, connections, dollars and database growth.

The final piece of the puzzle is tracking, monitoring, and regular checkpoints. A successful BDM should be tracking activity daily, weekly and monthly, reporting back to you as the business leader who can then lead and mentor them to further growth.

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Kate Benjamin

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