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Ask the Coach: How to be prepared for a Tribunal

Our expert property management coach, Heidi Walkinshaw, looks at how to prepare for Tribunal.

Q. The thought of Tribunal and the process is daunting. How can I be more prepared?

One of the first things to remember is to breathe. Tribunal is one of those areas in property management that can prove challenging and often is entwined with an element of stress.

One way of reducing that stress is your level of preparation. Being well prepared will help you maintain composure and ultimately assist in achieving the best possible outcome for your client.

A few key steps that you might consider to ensure you are organised and ready to tackle any challenges coming your way include:

Always have landlord’s approval when making the application and have a discussion around what their ideal outcome may be.

There are usually jurisdictions around the types of hearings that courts can hear and in some cases there may even be a monetary limit. It is wise to check that you are applying to the correct court and specify the orders that you are seeking in a factual manner.

Prepare your documentation straightaway, where possible including all evidence, a chronology of events and a summary of the issues relating to the case. Don’t leave it to the last minute as it can be a mad scramble the morning of the hearing.

Refer to management agency agreements and residential tenancy agreements for the required information.

Ensure that your landlord is on standby for any information that you may need to communicate on the day of the hearing.

If you would also like a checklist of what to prepare, contact the team at Real+.

Above all, remain calm, be thorough with your information and good luck!

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Heidi Walkinshaw

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