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Ask the coach: How to be organised in lead management and what tech tools to consider for a BDM

Our expert property management coach, Kate Benjamin, answers the question on how to be organised in lead management and what tech tools to consider for a BDM

Q. My BDM embraces prospecting; however, she is completely disorganised when it comes to lead management. What technology should I consider supporting her with?

When it comes to tech tools for a BDM, the most crucial is always a phone! Second to that is a way to manage leads, and selecting what works best will be different for every business.

Firstly, consider what your sales team are already using. BDMs and sales are often working with the same people (investor clients), so it makes sense that the BDM uses the sales system if there is one. The most important features of any BDM database are as follows:

  1. The ability to categorise and segment data and automate communication
  2. Strict internal policy around clean data – quality in, quality out
  3. Consider too how and when data should be entered. I often find that tech is implemented to support a BDM, only for the database entry to detract from the prospecting activity. Consider how easy it is to enter and update leads. Should this be a BDM’s responsibility, or is it better treated as an admin task?

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Kate Benjamin

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