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Ask the Coach: How to be more Productive and Reach Business Goals

It’s only fair that our EPM readers get their questions answered in the same way that our Elite Agent readers are able to ‘Ask the Coach’. Ready to help in 2018 with no question too big or too small is the expert coach from Real+, Heidi Walkinshaw.

Q. I know there is opportunity for my team and me to be more productive, but I’m just not sure where I should start.

The first step is to understand your purpose: what are the goals that are driving the business?

The next step is to create the plan and then to ensure that your team understand how they are contributors to the overall success of the year ahead.

Once the team understand where they are heading and what they need to achieve to be successful, they will start to look at their day-to-day operational tasks in a different light.

Are there ways to become more efficient, whether by implementing new technology or simply removing some of the unnecessary distractions, paperwork or manual processes?

The person in the job knows the job better than anyone else; trust and empower team feedback and make sure you encourage and set time for both individual and group feedback.

When the vision is clear, teams are engaged and will naturally be looking for ways to help reach business goals.

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