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Ask the Coach: How should BDMs schedule their prospecting?

Our expert property management coach, Kate Benjamin, answers your question on BDM prospecting.

Q. When is the best time of the day and week to prospect?

Firstly, if you are serious about rent roll growth – every day! Full-time BDMs need to be cultivating new leads and working their database every day of every week. Secondly, when we are looking at what time of the day is best and how much time you should be spending, consider this:

What source will you be prospecting? Often, buyer follow-up and OFI prospecting are better done later in this week, such as on Thursdays. This is because Monday and Tuesdays are generally when the sales team are following up their weekend open homes, and overloading potential clients with calls can start you off on the wrong foot. Mondays have proven a good day for database calls and current client prospecting. In most jobs, Mondays are a busy start to the week, so kicking off your calls with those clients who already know you is an effective way to make sure your connection rate is high.

Morning vs afternoon prospecting – getting the job done early has huge benefits! Prospecting in the morning gives you the added advantage of having your calls done and dusted, without the risk of conflicting priorities interrupting your results. The afternoon and evening, however, quite often allow for higher call to connection rates and are great times for second round callbacks.

To get the best results, schedule in morning sessions, identify which sources you will be focusing on and make sure these are blocked out in your calendar. In addition, allow for several afternoon or evening sessions for follow-up calls.

Most importantly, track what works for you based on your market, investor profile and personal energy. Once you start religiously tracking your calls, connections and appointments, you will be able to identify the best times throughout the week to talk to the most people and get the best results.

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