Ask Jo: My best property manager wants to leave – what do I do?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find and retain employees, especially since  the pandemic lockdowns.

However, don’t worry, there are ways to manage the situation when a  key team member decides to leave. 

You got this!

Firstly, remain calm and avoid panicking. Instead of trying to persuade the team member to stay, let them go and discuss their notice period and expectations.

Be sure to address any concerns about their departure and remind them of their obligations as stated in their contract. 

This conversation will help clear up any lingering questions. 

Let them go with respect 

It can be tempting to feel resentful when a key team member decides to leave for another opportunity.

However, it is important to remember that you have likely taken a similar opportunity in the past.

Instead of feeling angry, feel grateful for the time and influence the departing team member had in your business.

Wish them well in their future endeavours and let them go with respect. 

Shock and awe 

If you suspect any security risks, handle the situation as you would if the team member were on  extended sick or annual leave.

Immediately terminate their employment, change all passwords, and collect any devices they may have had access to.

Have the team member sign a form acknowledging their rights and responsibilities and wish them well for the future. 

Recruit by design 

After establishing your team structure, it’s time to begin the recruitment process.

This presents  an opportunity to restructure your team and assign new tasks, potentially resulting in a different role than the one previously held by the departing team member.

While searching for new candidates, use a workflow program like Flussos to reassign tasks done by the previous team member so you still carry out your processes correctly.

Approach the recruitment process thoughtfully and deliberately and consider investing in training and incentives for new hires. 

Take back control! 

Losing a team member can be unsettling, but it’s important to remember that team members come and go.

Prioritise the fear of losing clients rather than team members. Focus on building a team that represents your brand.

Ultimately, your clients need to have confidence that anyone representing your business reflects your brand.

This shift in mindset encourages you to seek solutions, giving you greater control over your business and allowing you to stay informed at all times. 

Your business should not rely on any one individual but instead on a team that embodies your vision, reputation, standards, practices, and promises.

Remember this important message I share with all my clients: YOU are the only constant factor in your business.

While team  members may come and go, your clients should understand that whoever serves them,  communicates with them, or advises them, represents YOU and your brand. 

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Jo-Anne Oliveri

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