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Ask the Coach: How do you find expired listings?

Top real estate coach Claudio Encina is back to answer more questions, this time from the Transform 2017 #supersix challengers. This time covering expired listings.

How do you find expired listings and how exactly should you approach an expired listing to engage them in a conversation with you?Lukas Pedder, Elders Mildura

Firstly find expired listings by monitoring every listing in your area and keeping an eye on the days on market by using a market monitor spreadsheet. Then think about your approach; think, ‘What is my strategy when making a call or door knock?’

Take the time to think about the exact outcome you want rather than hoping you may get a result. This is where your 30-second impact message comes into play.

A ’30-second impact message’ is a brief message communicated in 30 seconds to grab the listener’s attention and gives you the opportunity to build enough rapport to stay connected with the client, or obtain additional time in the future. Understand you are not closing a deal in 30 seconds. You are trying to introduce yourself in a classy, calm and elegant way that can add value to the prospect.

Intrigue your prospect, for example, “Did you know there are four reasons that homes are not selling in Smithville today?” Hopefully, this will intrigue the prospect enough to ask why. That is the job of the 30-second impact message: to get your expired prospect to stop and think.

Make sure your delivery is strong and as natural as possible, but really the key is to be prepared and have a case compelling enough to make them stop, listen and think. Take the time before each phone call and door knock to plan what you are going to say for maximum impact.

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