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The Art of Retargeting Online

RETARGETING, SOMETIMES CALLED remarketing, in simple terms, helps you reach people who have previously visited your website by showing them your ads on other well known sites on the internet. Adwerx, newly launched in Australia, makes this process both simple and cost-effective for real estate agents. Samantha McLean sat down with Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson to unpack this exciting new service that can be used to promote listings as well as your business.

Firstly, can you simply explain for us the concept of retargeting or remarketing?
Remarketing, or sometimes called retargeting, is the process of an advertisement following around a very specific audience of people on the web. If you’ve ever been shopping online, on Amazon or something like that, and looked at a product, you may then see that ad elsewhere online, such as on a news site or Facebook.

Adwerx makes it really simple to do this type of highly targeted advertising. We do something called behavioural remarketing. In the US, we have been creating ads for agents that find an audience of people who have been browsing real estate-related websites, doing real estate-related research online, and then follow those people around as they browse the net.

What are the benefits of this type of marketing for real estate agents?
Advertising really works when you are able to achieve repetition, so people tend to remember things, recall things and think favourably of things that they see over and over again. With retargeting or remarketing, you can spend a small amount of money from targeting just the right people and hitting them with a message over and over again from the search, which is great. It’s great for agents who want to stay top of mind with people who are likely going to be buyers, sellers or investors.

How can that benefit agents from a brand marketing perspective?
Typically, agents want to be known or ‘become famous’ to people in the local area who are thinking about moving or listing a house. This type of remarketing can put your brand in front of those people over and over again, reinforcing that brand and making people aware that you exist.

How can that benefit agents from a property marketing perspective?
The same technology can be used to market property as well. Showing the properties repeatedly to a highly targeted audience of people who are in the market, is a fantastic way to drive awareness for the property.

Tell us a little bit about ‘sphere of influence’ and how does it differs from postal code?
With sphere of influence, you upload your database or a list of clients, past clients or your network on your CRM into our system, and the ads that we create for you will only follow around those specific people. It’s fantastic for staying on top of the line with people who refer you business, past clients, people you think might be coming into the market. It’s really just a fantastic product. And we now have a new product feature called Quick Adder, that allows agents to easily add people to their advertising campaign by just including a tiny snippet of code in the BCC field of any email.

What sort of successes have agents been having in the US by using Adwerx?
A broad range of successes. Agents use it to become more recognised in their area, and

we hear anecdotally things like, ‘People come up to me at the grocery store now and say, “Hey, you’re that realtor that I’ve been seeing online.”’

When you’re marketing properties, we’ve had many, many agents tell us that the service has been great for driving traffic to their website.

Adwerx has just launched in Australia; how do agents secure their postcode?
As there is a limited number of agents allowed to use our service in a particular area, visit adwerx.com to check availability. In the US, we have agents who try the product with one postal code and achieve success, and then buy up all the spots in a postal code to lock out the other agents from that area.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.