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AREC flashback: the best of Gavin Rubinstein

He’s one of the biggest names in Australian real estate so it’s no surprise that TRG Founder Gavin Rubinstein features more than once in our AREC coverage.

Gavin paid us a visit in the Elite Agent AREC Studio back in 2016 and 2017, and his sage advice is just as relevant today as it was then.

Take a look…

What it takes to become a million dollar agent – AREC 2017

Samantha McLean sat down with Gavin at AREC2017 to talk about his top takeaways and his tips on being a million dollar agent.

  1. Focus on Hard Work: Gavin says the key to success in real estate is to shut out distractions and work hard consistently. He emphasises that hard work trumps all the tricks and fluff that can be associated with the industry.
  2. Prioritise time and energy: Gavin believes that time and energy are the two most important components of his business. He stresses the importance of using time productively and efficiently, suggesting that he accomplishes in a day what most agents achieve in a month. Managing time and maintaining high energy levels are crucial for success.
  3.  Look after people: Gavin highlights the importance of taking care of people in the real estate industry. He mentions the golden rule in real estate, which is to prioritise building strong relationships and providing excellent customer service. By looking after the needs and interests of clients and colleagues, agents can foster trust, loyalty, and long-term success in their business.

Gavin Rubinstein on digital and social media presence, self-motivation and striving to be better each day – AREC2016

Top coach Claudio Encina played host back in 2016 and quizzed Gavin on digital and social media presence, self-motivation and striving to be better each day.

  1. Identify and leverage personal motivation: Gavin emphasises the importance of understanding what motivates you as an individual and using it as a driving force. He encourages people to discover their unique sources of motivation and to use them as fuel to go above and beyond every day.
  2. Embrace the power of social media: Gavin recognises the changing landscape of the real estate industry and the growing significance of social media. He believes that successful agents in the future will be determined by their presence on digital and social media platforms. Gavin encourages real estate professionals to embrace social media, build a strong online presence, and leverage its effectiveness in connecting with clients and prospects.
  3. Strive for exceptional performance: Gavin Rubinstein aims to leave a lasting legacy as a top agent in Ray White Australia. He aspires to be remembered as someone who excelled and outperformed others in the industry. His focus on achieving exceptional results serves as a reminder for real estate professionals to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of their own capabilities.

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