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Agent numbers surge for Area Specialist

Real estate agency platform, Area Specialist, has had a record couple of months, with 21 agents signing up to join the unique system.  

Area Specialist founder Michael Choi said agents were increasingly attracted to being their own boss, while also being backed by the systems, tools, and technology provided by the company. 

“We’re basically averaging about two agents a week nationally joining the system,” Mr Choi said.

“We haven’t hit the ceiling yet though – I’d like to think we’ll eventually be putting on 15 agents per month consistently.”

Mr Choi believes the rise in the number of agents joining Area Specialist is the result of the traction and momentum gained now that the platform has proved itself. 

“The agents who have been watching on the sidelines are saying ‘this is not a fad, it’s here to stay’,” he said.

“And those who did sign up with us in the early days, are re-signing without prompt and asking for extended terms following their anniversaries. This is the best indicator for agent satisfaction.”

Mr Choi said the secret to the company’s success was cutting out the middle man.

“That means agents can double or triple their income overnight, while still receiving all the admin and marketing support that they would normally receive at a traditional workplace,” he said. 

“It’s about them, not a company. At the same time, they’ll receive nationally consistent, classy, sharp branding, that is personal, with their name, face and  logo.”

Mr Choi said the future of Area Specialists was a brand tweak, shiny new website, and exponential growth. 

“We’re aiming to have 500 agents by the end of 2023. It’s a massive goal but it’s realistic and we are on target.

Mr Choi said the goal wasn’t just signing up 500 agents, it’s signing up 500 good agents. 

“Our concern won’t be hitting this target. It will actually be making sure that we are selective in the agents we allow to join and we will ultimately choose quality over quantity,” he said.

“That’s what makes Area Specialist unique – we are true to the name.

“We’re focusing on agents who genuinely are area specialists. 

“And that’s why agents want to join us, because they’re associated with with the best in the industry”

January is a popular month for making the switch, said Mr Choi, with a few big names expected to launch with Area Specialist early next year.

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