Are you a real estate athlete?

Whilst working with, and conducting auctions and training sessions for literally hundreds of different agents over the better part of the last decade, Dave Eller analysed their behaviour and attitude toward their career and success. During this process he discovered what it took to become a Real Estate Athlete.

I have been involved in the Martial Arts for nearly 30 years. In fact, when the sun goes down, and the gavel has been put away for another Saturday, I am the ring announcer for many of the Boxing, Kickboxing and Caged fighting events held in South East Queensland. I am privileged to work with many amazing athletes at the top of their sport: some of them multiple World Champions.Just as each World Champion boxer doesn’t fight the same way, not every successful agent sells real estate in an identical fashion; it’s about finding your own groove, your own style. Over the years, I have documented the specific concepts that the superior agents followed. These are the agents who showed consistency in their sales figures, maintained market share in their area, and grew their business year after year. The agents who didn’t manage these things, failed to grasp the fundamental laws and action the necessary behaviours.

Elite athletes are in constant pursuit of the perfect technique in their chosen sport. Top performing athletes in any sport not only train the right way, they constantly monitor themselves to make sure they stay on track. The difference between the top performers and the average ones is not a lot. It’s just that they do certain things a certain way, a little bit better each day. Additionally, elite sportspeople are the best at what they do, yet they still look to outside assistance to keep them competitive at the top level; they have trainers to help them in competition.

Real Estate is a competitive industry, and becoming even more so. With the rise of the internet and the availability of information, the way we sell real estate has changed. Sellers are demanding quicker results, better service, up to date information at all times and constant feedback as to the progress of the sale of their biggest asset. In essence, they are demanding a more professional agent. They are looking for the perfect person to sell their home.

As a real estate agent YOU should also be in constant pursuit of the perfect technique; aiming to be a top performer; to be a Real Estate Athlete. To be a top performer, however, you also need to be trained the right way.

To be successful in the pursuit of the perfect technique in any field, be it sport or real estate, requires you to be two things; persistent and consistent. Then what has been learned needs to be practiced and implemented.

Underpinning this success is a series of fundamental laws that, when followed with commitment and persistence, will shine light on the rewards that await – the gold medal. Every top performer in business and sport adheres to these laws. So if you want to step onto the podium: if you want to be a top performer, a Real Estate Athlete – then understand and follow the laws.

I touched on the very first Law a few articles back in Building the right Foundations; getting the necessary skills and knowledge from the outset. The Law of Foundation is the first building block to your Real Estate career. Even if you have worked in Real Estate for a while, you can still apply this Law by taking an honest look at your skill set, and uncovering what it is that you need to improve upon in order to solidify your own foundation.

Top performers know that success is all about constant improvement and always moving forward. They understand that the little things count and that past successes can be repeated. Their goals are clear and attention is focused. The best of the best take responsibility for their actions and are aware that they can only bask in the glory if they truly know that they have put in the effort.

There are twenty-three universal laws that top performers implement; too many to outline and discuss here. If you would like to unveil all of them and find out if you have what it takes to be a Real Estate Athlete, visit www.DaveEller.com.

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Dave Eller

Dave Eller is Australia’s leading Connection Coach for real estate sales professionals - connecting them with passion, success and work / life balance. He is a Licensed Agent, Auctioneer and nationally qualified industry trainer, for more information visit www.daveeller.com.