Anton Babkov: Keep, stop, start 2024

As the CEO of Rexlabs, Anton Babkov is a forward-thinking leader in the PropTech space.

Here, he reflects on the past 12 months and his goals for 2024, emphasising the importance of simplicity in business, the growing role of ChatGPT, and why he aims to be a more vocal leader in real estate, focusing on the impact of rapid technological changes.

What’s one thing you learned this past year that you want to keep applying to your business moving forward?

Simplicity is always achievable.  If something feels complicated, you’re probably overthinking it.  All things can be broken down into smaller parts or have parts removed. Relentlessly simplify. 

What’s one technology or digital tool you’ve adopted that you want to keep using and get even more value from?

This one is a no brainer – ChatGPT.  

What’s one daily or weekly time-wasting activity you want to stop doing in 2024?

Picking up my phone first thing in the morning – it unnecessarily complicates my thinking first up.  I do my best work in the morning, so keeping my phone away keeps my mind clear for what’s important. 

What’s one new skill you want to start developing to improve your business in 2024?

Being more vocal in the industry about the direction technology is leading things. There’s so much rapid change and technology plays such an essential role in virtually every part of the real estate industry.

Taking a bigger role in leading the industry conversation, sharing what some of our best customers are doing and how tech is moving outside real estate, is one way I can add value back to real estate. 

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