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Andre Frack: Leading from the Front

Cleaning up at the R&W awards this year, Andre Frack is no ordinary agent. At the beginning of the year, he had a shortage of sales people. And rather than hire, he decided to see what he could do himself.

R&W Principal Andre Frack set a goal in 2016 to be the best in Bondi Junction. He achieved that and more, being named the Top Selling Principal, income and transactions, across the entire Richardson & Wrench network.

It was a remarkable result for somebody who had put sales on the back burner for a few years to concentrate on managing the business. But his determination to prove a point led him to find a deep well of energy and motivation.

“I really just wanted to be number one in my marketplace and show what I could do,” says Frack, laid back in jeans and sneakers and putting on a convincing show of being anything but your high-performing, hard-working, stress-wired real estate agent.

It’s a ruse of course and while he might be chilled, Frack has been running hot for a year or more, saying yes to every listing and notching up sales at the rate of close to one a day.

So what’s the secret to turning a middling sales performance to one that positions him at the top of a network that boasts some of the top sellers in the country.

“I’m not your typical agent,” says Frack. “I don’t mine data, I don’t canvas, I don’t door knock, I don’t do scripts and I don’t have a social media profile. But there’s never a moment that I’m not working, on the phone, meeting people, working a deal.

“This year was different for me; I had something to prove. We had a shortage of salespeople and rather than take on staff I decided I’d do it myself.

“It was incredible how quickly I was able to dominate market share in my area. Anything I was offered I took and I lived and breathed sales for a year. One sale would lead to another and the referrals rolled in.

“There were a couple of big unit site sales but the bread and butter stuff was apartments and houses.”

Frack isn’t aiming to hold the number one spot for long. He’ll keep up the sales but spread his focus again on running the business, rebuilding his sales team and growing an already substantial rent roll.

“This year was all me, me, me,” says Frack. “I’m a good seller but being number one is not my main goal in life.

“I like doing the deals, bringing the players together and making things happen.”

Frack’s efforts made Bondi Junction the top earning office in the network and he wants to see that growth continue, spreading its interests across the whole property spectrum – residential, commercial, projects and property management.

He started young in real estate, working part time at age 16, full-time by 18, and became a director of R&W Bondi Junction in his early 20s.

“I wanted to own a business,” says Frack. “I have always been driven to get what I want and I usually do.”

With a trophy cabinet groaning with hardware there’s no arguing with that.

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