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Alex Ouwens: To go all in

Alex Ouwens from Ouwens Casserly has thrived on the mentality "every person's home is their castle". In this feature he discusses the need to overcome the fear of self belief, the difference between confidence vs ego and his most memorable moment.

On getting into real estate
I was working at a drive-through bottle shop in 2006. The manager spoke to the staff in a way that did not create a team atmosphere and often was belittling. One night I had enough and quit on the spot. I walked down the street feeling great for 100 metres – OK, for 200 metres – and then ruined for the next 300 metres. The next morning, I picked up the careers section, saw a real estate ad, and the rest is history!

The happiest moment in my career
Seeing people achieve their goals and dreams through property (myself, my family, my team. my vendors, my buyers etc). When potential is being fulfilled, that’s the warm, fuzzy spot.

The most memorable moment
I sold a $95,000 unit early in my career. Treated it the same as a mansion. The owner referred me to a friend and I sold their beachfront property for a record price. The $95k unit stands out more because it told me that every person’s home is their castle and anything is possible if you work for it.

Best advice he’s received
Create a simple plan – and for the first five years of your career, wear the keypad out of the alarm. Have fun.

Biggest challenge
Our own self belief in the future is the biggest challenge. Just keep adapting. The best will thrive. Those without ‘all chips in’ will suffer. There has never been a better time.

Change for good?
More humility. Lose the ego. Confidence and ego are totally different bed fellows. Know you’re the best, don’t tell people you’re the best.

‘Elite’ agent means
Strong values meet high performance.

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