5 strategies to survive and thrive in a crisis

“If you don't know why you're working hard and what you want to achieve, and you can't clearly measure it, then how are you ever going to achieve it? When you've got super clear goals and you know exactly what you want, it'll drive you through those really hard times.” - Dan Argent

If the impact of COVID-19 on your business has got you down then Dan Argent is the guy to help you not only survive it, but thrive once the deadly bug has moved on.

Forced to start his own business during the GFC in order to survive, in this episode of Elevate, Dan shares the five strategies he used to succeed.

He explains his 20-1-20 rule, including why it’s the “most powerful” strategy you’ll ever implement, along with why you not only need to set goals, but attach them to results and rewards.

Dan takes a look at the two reasons properties don’t sell – price and presentation – and lets you in on the one thing he says to vendors to get them to spend money on preparing their property for sale.

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In this episode Samantha and Dan also discuss:

  • Why the Brisbane market is in a transition period.
  • The impact of the Global Financial Crisis, including how Dan’s GCI took a nosedive and what he did to turn it around.
  • The five strategies Dan used to survive during the GFC and thrive after it.
  • Why you should aim to reach 20 per cent market share and how you can get there.
  • Why Dan started his own business during the GFC and how doing so helped him stay afloat.
  • The power of building your brand and what you can act on now to do it.
  • Why shadowing an established, successful agent is the best way to start your career.
  • The one philosophy Dan lives by and his advice to new real estate agents.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.