10 things to attract top Gen Z talent to your business

It wasn’t that long ago that folks out there were scratching their heads trying to work out ways of attracting, recruiting and retaining millennials to businesses. Now, with the 2019 HSC well underway and school leavers looking for jobs, the conversation needs to turn to attracting Generation Z talents to businesses. 

So push the smashed avo aside and let’s get to know Gen Z a little better, including what they are looking for in their workplace…

Understanding what they are looking for in their work environment will shed some light on how to attract top Gen Z talent to your business.

Learning on the job
Generation Z have seen millennials struggle with student loans and possibly lack of employment that can help them pay off these debts.

This has made Gen Z averse to going for formalised and expensive education post high school or college.

What they prefer is learning on the job that provides them with knowledge and experience at the same time, and saves them from the insecurity of investing in expensive higher education and living with the burden of debt.

Developing new skills using easy bite-sized, on-demand training is something of utmost importance for this generation.

Using technology
This digitally savvy generation had access to technology and internet at an early age.

It is understandable that they would like the company they work in to display this understanding and comfort level they have with technology.

Obviously tech-integration into your daily processes would make things move faster, which is an important prerequisite for Gen Z.

Having technologies such AI and machine learning fueling your company’s processes in the future will be expected and increase the chances of Gen Z talent being attracted to your company.

Having ownership
Generation Z values ownership at work. They are open to getting trained on the job and appreciate clearly-stated job roles and responsibilities. But, don’t expect them to respond well to micromanagement.

Gen Z looks forward to working for a purpose and prefer working in a role that satisfies their aspirations and personal values.

Work-life balance
Generation Z has seen the earlier generations hustling hard at their jobs.

Their learning from the observation was that they are ready to work, but not at the cost of their own personal time, space or development.

They do not want to sacrifice all at the altar of their jobs. They appreciate jobs that honour this thought.

Also, while Gen Z enjoys collaborating with their colleagues in the workplace, as mentioned earlier, they also appreciate autonomy and work best in situations that don’t make them feel managed too closely.

10 ways to attract top Gen Z talent to your business

Now that we know a little more about what makes Gen Z tick, here’s a look at some things you can do that will make your business more attractive for Gen Z’s to consider:

1. Encourage their entrepreneurial nature
Generation Z by nature is more open to owning a business or working as freelancers.

They like working autonomously. In a business like real estate, you can always train them on your ways and processes of managing clients and listings (as they are open to on-the-job training) and then give them targets to fulfil.

They will happily work to meet the targets and requirements to the best of their abilities.

2. Use technology that builds efficiency
Generation Z works well with technology. Integrating technology into your processes will help your Gen Z talent work more efficiently.

For example, using AI to sieve through the right properties for a buyer or seller and matching them to the client’s aspirations and requirements will help not only Gen Z but all employees to close deals more effectively.

3. Align them to the company’s value and purpose
As mentioned earlier, Gen Z likes working for a purpose, just as is the case for millenials, but probably even more so.

You only need to look to Gen Z climate activist Greta Thunberg to realise how much this matters.

In order to attract, recruit and most importantly, retain your Gen Z talent, harness their qualities of personal drive, brand awareness, technological prowess, and their desire to work towards an end goal to align them to the values of your company.

4. Leverage their appeal for fast-paced media
Generation Z hopes to use and disseminate information easily and immediately. That’s why this generation prefers using Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter over Myspace and Facebook.

Engage them using these tools. Create company pages on these platforms and help them keep connected with the company and spread the word about your brand, as well.

5. Provide on-demand training
Generation Z values bite-sized information, on-demand training, and on-the-job learning.

Giving them these three will readily attract them to your business. This also helps you train young and motivated individuals with lots of energy, boost their will to learn, and use these trainings to not only satisfy their urge for learning but also increase revenues for your business.

6. Support inclusion and diversity
Gen Z thrives in work atmospheres that support diversity and inclusion.

They have grown up in and witnessed a world which is culturally vibrant and interdependent.

They would expect the same at the place they are working in. This also supports their feeling of individuality and the need to work towards a certain goal/purpose.

Encourage and appreciate different thoughts and opinions and foster a collaborative problem-solving work atmosphere. This will certainly attract them to your company, for sure.

7. Encourage co-leadership
Members of Generation Z are not expected to respond well to authoritative styles of leadership which might make them feel like their roles don’t matter in the overall scheme of things.

They would be much more open to working in a co-leadership type of environment, where they feel much more relaxed to work with the dedication that is inherent in this generation. In fact, having younger leaders from the millennial cohort may be one of best things you can do to attract Gen Z to your company, as millennials understand the importance of co-leadership.

8. Maintain a Glassdoor page
Agent ratings and review sites are everywhere – but Gen Z are also looking at employer review sites such as Glassdoor

Like others, Gen Z place much importance on what other people have to say about an experience, and base their decisions on the reviews they read. The time is now to think about your company profile on places like Glassdoor and ensure your company reflects good reviews and ratings as an employer.

9. Vibrant and comfortable workspaces
As I mentioned before, Generation Z understands the importance of work-life balance and have been raised in a more health-conscious way.

So, even if they are spending long hours at work, they would want to relax, unwind and recharge themselves instead of working difficult hours straight on.

Having nap rooms, couches, and indoor cafés can have a huge impact in attracting Gen Z to your real estate business.

In fact, such offices could be extremely attractive to your clientele, as well. Some offices on our Street MBA tours are already including wellness programs and facilities into their businesses.

10. Invest in culture the way you would any other asset in your business
Generation Z have already shown less interest in material possessions and place importance on experiences.

Set up fun events and activities to keep all staff members engaged and looking forward to coming to work every day.

Post pictures of these activities on social media, so that Gen Z talent who follow your social media page would want to become part of your team. 

Generation Z are a vibrant, responsible and practical generation. To attract top talent to your business in the future you need to understand these drivers and plan for the workforce of the future. 

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