10 ideas that will make you more successful in real estate sales: Alex Mintorn

Over the past nine years, Alex Mintorn has become one of the leading agents on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

He is also one of the top four agents in the McGrath network of more than 900 agents Australia-wide.

Along with his partner, Maddie Stock, they have been involved in more than 79 sales, worth almost $150m with average days on market at 22.

Having just stepped on to the AREC stage he gave the audience a 10-point plan and told them to be diligent and proactive. “This job is hard, but the prospective vendor doesn’t care. They expect you to be on. They want to feel your passion and feel your energy.”

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll take a deep dive into Alex’s 10 point strategy, once again through the lens held up by Adam Bryant and Bobby Reynolds from Agency Central.

We’ve had a lot of success recently by going out of our way to get to know what a buyer wants – rather than them bidding at an auction and we never speak to them again.

– Alex Mintorn

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Some topics discussed include:

  • The fundamentals (over most shiny tech objects) are still where it’s at in terms of real estate success
  • You can’t be a million dollar agent if you don’t start with the basics and then layer on the volume
  • How team structure relates to scale – and why knowing your strengths before hiring matters
  • How Alex structures his team of four
  • Why (and how) Alex makes prospecting fun
  • Building trust with buyers
  • Plugging holes and not letting opportunities slip away
  • What Alex sees as a “world class” open home
  • Social media – how to be consistent and real while having fun
  • How Alex keeps his days on market low
  • The technology that got seven listings in seven days

Guest Hosts: Adam Bryant and Bobby Reynolds

Podcast Guest: Alex Mintorn, McGrath

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