YourPorter Partners With iSelect to Bring Even More Benefits to Agents

ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S FASTEST GROWING utility connections services, YourPorter, has joined forces with leading comparator service iSelect to offer home movers increased choice and convenience through a tailored comparison of electricity, gas, broadband internet, car insurance and more.Tony Zarka

UNLIKE EXISTING MARKET players, YourPorter aims to meet the growing demand of consumers who want the convenience of a utility connection service but until now were unable to unlock the best market offerings. The YourPorter iSelect partnership will deliver on both consumer need and demand.

Tony Zarka, General Manager of YourPorter, said, “The fundamental challenge for most utility connection companies has been the inability to provide customers with extensive product ranges and competitive prices, because most are owned by or aligned with energy retailers. While utility connection companies were able to deliver convenience and service, to date none have been able to deliver choice, product range, expertise and ultimately real customer value.”

The YourPorter iSelect partnership will provide consumers with a choice of over ten electricity and gas providers, more than ten telecommunication providers and a suite of insurance products, including health, car, home and life insurances.

Tony Zarka said, “The YourPorter service will be more than an offer of choice; it will present a tailored solution based on a needs analysis of moving customers. This will result in a higher take-up of services across energy and telco products, and a real opportunity to generate referrals extending beyond utilities and across insurance products.

“The outcome for all real estate agents will be significantly higher up-front commission, annual distributions and an opportunity to build equity in an already successful business.”

It is no secret that the primary reason for setting up YourPorter was to enable all real estate agents to benefit from their moving client data. The YourPorter business structure allows for this through its equity model. Equity is only realised upon liquidity and YourPorter’s partnership with iSelect makes this possible through call options at two and four years.

While commercial considerations are critical, YourPorter will not lose sight of delivering exceptional customer service via strict service level agreements that include contact strategies, connection timeframes and a service guarantee.

Partnering with iSelect will further enhance YourPorter’s customer service experience by leveraging their consumer brand, depth of retail partnerships leading to a rich product offering, strong industry knowledge and expertise coupled with sophisticated systems and technology to deliver valuable and personalised solutions. Angela Tangas, iSelect Group Executive for Energy & Telco, said that the partnership with YourPorter provides iSelect with an additional channel to reach the home-mover market.

“We know that when someone moves home, not only will they need to connect basic services like electricity and gas but they’ll also need to transfer or switch broadband internet connection. In addition, a change of address means they’ll need to update their car, home and contents insurance policies,” Angela said.

“Not only does our partnership with YourPorter provide an opportunity for us to increase our share of the mover market, it also helps our customers navigate the stress of moving house. The YourPorter and iSelect partnership puts our customers’ needs first by offering both convenience and comparison in one easy phone call.”

YourPorter and iSelect’s partnership is the customer solution that will unlock an array of opportunities for all real estate offices.

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