You had me at video

Candice Arlott could be be considered a bit of a go-getter when it comes to video marketing.

This year Candice was invited to present at a Video Summit during the RE/MAX R4 convention in Las Vegas.

Not only was she the only Australian, Candice was also the youngest member of the Video Summit panel, presenting to a packed MGM Casino Grand Ballroom.

Global CEO of RE/MAX Adam Contos was the opening speaker.

Since her first property video, Candice’s exposure has sky rocketed and it seems she has found a niche in her unique video approach that has attracted many happy home sellers and buyers to date.

Why I looked to video

I am relatively new to real estate sales – around six months – and I wanted to approach things differently and be the ‘2019-2020 agent’.

I felt that real estate customers are expecting more these days, consumers in general want more.

People are expecting to deal with real and relatable people and they don’t want to be sold to.

Video delivers.

I use video marketing because it’s the best way to showcase who I am, what I bring as an agent and how great a home is.

I was born into a real estate family. When mum (Mackay agent, Stacy Arlott) was setting off on her real estate career 20-odd years ago, she was a forward thinker.

She was one of the first to ‘wrap’ her car, a black mini cooper convertible.

I used to letter-box drop with her, for pocket money but when I began selling real estate I thought, surely I don’t have to do that in 2019.

There had to be a better way to make an impact as a ‘newbie’ so I asked myself, if I was going to go up against my mum for a listing today, how would I compete?

What would set me apart from her?  Video was clearly the answer.

Why on earth would I want to get into someone’s letterbox when I can get into their living room?

Through video, you establish a positive relationship with a homeowner right from the very start and you are making their property the star.

Why video works

Video delivers authentic messages through an appealing medium which fosters engagement, storytelling and authenticity.

This helps grow traffic online which in turn elevates the exposure and ultimately sale time of a home.

We also tend to retain video information better and for a longer time, which helps you to create a distinguishable message and stand out from the competition.

Introducing the concept of video opens soft dialogue with vendors and turns a transactional connection into a human connection.

We all talk figures and hard facts at some point in our role as agents but when you mention a social/video strategy to your client, you can immediately feel the relationship benefit from that.

The whole process from list to sale becomes special for all parties involved, plus it certainly becomes a much nicer-over-all negotiation experience for the agent.

Through video, you establish a positive relationship with a homeowner right from the very start and you are making their property the star.

Almost every vendor loves their home and thinks it’s the best, so they are more than willing to use video to standout in the market place.

There is incredible scope in video to promote everything about yourself and your listings.

There’s the self-branding video, immediately showing a potential client why you are the agent they want. Listing videos are not only for high-end properties but for the most affordable and need to be used for rentals as well.

I started as BDM/Leasing Manager so I have huge respect for that aspect of the business and know firsthand how highlighting through video what your rental department is doing can grow your rent roll.

Lifestyle videos can tell wonderful stories and emotionally connect with buyers and with interview-style video you can talk with anyone from the neighbours to the architect and have the viewer (buyer) be much more engaged.

My way

You must have a plan, so I begin by figuring out with the vendor just what the story is and what the video is about.

After this I create my storyboard and this is where I start turning people’s stories into video.

I then turn to my creative crew for filming but I am totally hands-on. This probably drives them crazy sometimes as I produce, direct and edit.

I love all of it and enjoy doing it.


Get out of your own head and just do it. You will get more comfortable and confident as you go.

If you use a professional videographer, as I do at this point, find a creative one.

Before you start anything, think of every possible way you can use the video.

The content must engage viewers so if it wouldn’t make you stop and look, don’t post it.

You must

Before my presentation at the RE/MAX R4 convention, I was questioning what this relatively young and inexperienced ‘Aussie’ girl could possibly offer professionals from across the globe.

However, I discovered that loads of people had been following me on social media since my first video and there was even an agent who had driven from Kansas City to be in that room to hear me speak.

I think that agents somewhere along the way became duped into thinking they have to be stiff, proper and formal to be taken seriously as professionals.

It’s not true anymore, quite the opposite in fact.

Yes, you need to still be professional but you need to be relatable to your targeted demographic.

At the end of the day we are human, we are warm, we have feelings and to show that we can laugh at ourselves if necessary is endearing.

A lot of my biggest content successes have come from utilising my iPhone and Instagram stories and showing the funny side of what I do.

I had a bird fly into an open house right as I was about to close and that video – and my obvious fear and panic – got so much engagement.

Don’t fall into the habit of thinking every video MUST bring a lead.

Branding is growth. It all takes time.

RE/MAX Global CEO Adam Contos said in his opening that “2019 is the year to do video”.

He’s right. Plus, it’s too much fun not to!

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Candice Arlott

Candice Abbott is a Creative Consultant, utilising the power of storytelling to convert sales and create connections.