World’s coolest pools: a perfect blend of design and refreshment

In the scorching heat of summer, finding a pool that offers both respite and captivating design can be a real challenge.

However, Architectural Digest has compiled a list of exceptional pools from around the globe, showcasing stunning creations that cater to both swimmers and design enthusiasts.

These pools not only offer a refreshing escape but also boast impressive world records, elevating their allure.

Let’s dive into the extraordinary pools that have taken coolness to new heights.

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Perched on the sky deck of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, is the world’s longest elevated pool, stretching nearly 150m. As if that weren’t enough, it also claims the title of the largest rooftop infinity pool, providing breathtaking views of the city from its lofty position on the 57th story. Access to this unique oasis is limited to hotel guests, who must present their room key to enter.

The Joule (Dallas, Texas)

Transformed from a once-dilapidated 1920s bank building, The Joule now stands as a beautifully restored boutique hotel in downtown Dallas. One of its standout features is an eight-foot cantilevered pool that daringly protrudes from the side of the tower. As the hotel’s website proudly states, “The Joule gives ‘hanging out by the pool’ a whole new meaning.”

Y-40 The Deep Joy (Montegrotto Terme, Padua, Italy)

Nestled within Hotel Terme Millepini, Y-40 The Deep Joy proudly holds the title of the world’s deepest pool. Plunging to a depth just shy of 42m, this impressive space could easily accommodate a 13-storey building, as highlighted by CNN. Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, the pool aims to attract both scuba divers and free divers seeking an extraordinary experience.

Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens (London, England)

For those who enjoy the sensation of floating while swimming, the Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens in London offers an unparalleled experience. Suspended between two buildings and spanning 25m, this pool boasts a transparent bottom, providing unobstructed views of London’s bustling cityscape below. Structural engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan and Hal Architects collaborated to bring this remarkable pool to life.

Market Square Tower (Houston, Texas)

Residents of Market Square Tower, a luxury apartment complex in Houston, Texas, have the privilege of enjoying a glass-bottomed pool that extends beyond the city skyline. Not only does this swimming hole boast a unique design, but it also claims the title of the tallest pool in the Lone Star State, adding another feather to its cap.

Hanging Gardens of Bali (Ubud, Bali)

Tucked away in the lush jungles of Ubud, Bali, lies the enchanting Hanging Gardens of Bali. This picturesque resort comprises a collection of luxury villas, each featuring a private infinity pool. However, it is the cascading pool that steals the show, having been awarded the prestigious title of the world’s best swimming pool by Condé Nast Traveler.

Euphoria Retreat (Mystras, Greece)

The sphere pool at Euphoria Retreat, situated in Mystras, Greece, goes beyond calming waters to enhance the rejuvenation experience for its guests. Submerging into this pool allows visitors to immerse themselves in unique dolphin sounds, carefully designed to amplify relaxation and serenity.

These extraordinary pools have set new benchmarks in terms of design, innovation, and coolness.

Whether you seek a breathtaking view, a daring architectural feat, or a one-of-a-kind experience, these pools are guaranteed to captivate and refresh. So, grab your swimsuit and embark on a journey to the coolest pools in the world.

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