When ‘psychology of the sale’ takes on an all-new meaning

Melisha Du Preez credits her certainty in joining the Mackay RE/MAX team to her many years in the psychology.

The Announcement:

Real estate agents are expected to be many things to their customers and clients, their peers, and their family and friends, including mothers, teachers, counsellors, accountants, financial advisors, magicians and miracle workers.

Newcomer to the Mackay RE/MAX team, Melisha Du Preez, has 12 years in the psychology field to draw on.

Ms Du Preez made the decisive move to The Limitless Group in North Queensland and the award-winning RE/MAX Results office after a career move to real estate sales followed eight years of running her own consultancy company.

Hayley Van de Ven, Director of the Limitless Group, said Ms Du Preez brought a unique and specialised skill set into the business through her experience.

“It is important to have a point of difference more than ever, but also to have all the tools and resources in the toolbox to achieve the best possible prices for clients in a rapidly changing market. 

“We are really excited to welcome Melisha to the team because she all these and more, and we know she is going to do great things,” Ms Van de Ven said. 

Ms Du Preez decided upon a move to RE/MAX after running into Ms Van de Ven at the Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) held on the Gold Coast earlier this year.

“I am really excited to join the Mackay team” she said. “I’ve watched them grow from afar and have so much admiration for how they’ve realised such a huge increase in market share in the last few years.

“I have been instantly welcomed to the team and I’m loving being part of a big network after initially being independent. The resources, tools and training have really blown me away, and they make a big point of difference in Mackay,” Melisha said. 

Ms Van de Ven said Melisha made a quick transition to the team and hit the ground running with fresh new listings in no time spared.

“She credits her certainty in joining our team to her many years in the psychology field. She says the change management process when people make the move to RE/MAX makes all the difference in putting agents’ minds at ease.

“With The Limitless Group, the agent can stay focused on being dollar productive and the transition team worry about the rest,” explained Ms Van de Ven. 

In welcoming Ms Du Preez to RE/MAX, Joel Davoren, Managing Director of RE/MAX Australia, commented on the Mackay market.

“Melisha is an experienced sales agent with a specialised professional background, which gives her a unique ability to interact with clients and negotiate sales. In her hands, the real estate experience will be good for Mackay buyers and sellers.”

“It’s a difficult time in a lot of marketplaces at the moment, with interest rate hikes and uncertainty, but Mackay has seen much worse, and it is a resilient city,” he said.

“There is still fantastic property with great returns due to it affordability and it is spared some of the impacts affecting other major cities across Australia.

With project after project going ahead in the Isaac region and high demand for our coal, the area continues to forge ahead!” said Mr Davoren.

Source: RE/MAX Group

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