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What to post on social media during COVID-19

As the current social climate and the property industry continues to change due to COVID-19, it proves to be a confusing phase for real estate agents. When it comes to digital marketing, there are several approaches one can take in response to the new lifestyle changes whilst continuing to be active online.

What to avoid
Offering personal opinions on the COVID-19 situation is a big NO, it is simply not a real estate agent’s place to do so. With so many people impacted in many ways, sharing your own view on government legislation or social distancing rules will likely offend someone. 

Best to avoid sharing any information about COVID-19 unless you are updating clients on how you are doing business or changes directly impacting them that relate to real estate. 

Don’t share memes, jokes, tips regarding COVID-19 itself unless it is specifically about real estate and there is a good enough reason to do so.

No matter how harmless you think it may be, it is not necessary. The last thing you want to do is upset or offend a client during this sensitive period, or worse spread false or misleading information unintentionally.

Panic posting
No one wants to be bombarded with daily posts about how you are pivoting and updating your business. Send out succinct communications and limit your post frequency about COVID-19 updates to one or two content pieces per week maximum. 

The second version of panic posting I’m seeing now is agents not posting at all because they are so terrified of offending people or sending the wrong message.

This is completely understandable but with more people on social media right now, not posting is a huge loss of opportunity for you. 

During this time, it is imperative to sow the seeds with your audience so that at the end of COVID-19, when they are ready to make a move, you are the one they want to do business with. Start by thinking about how you can deliver more value to them.

Show don’t tell
The idea of ‘show don’t tell’ is a tip we regularly post about, and it applies to COVID-19 too. Show your clients how you’ve adapted to the situation, don’t just tell them.

Some of the things you can do are demonstrating online auctions, taking photos behind the scenes at inspections and entrance hygiene set ups as well as showing your property virtual tours.

Show them how you are managing the situation, assure them they are safe to attend private appointments. Show the success of online auctions and campaigns.

Send positive messages 
There is enough negativity online right now instigating fear among individuals, so send positive messages and reassure people.

Let them know you are there to help and how they can reach you. Now, I’m certainly not saying you should pretend it is ‘business as usual’, the reality is, it isn’t.

The industry has had to make significant changes, and many local markets have and will continue to be impacted.

Pretending everything is fine, could be downright offensive and make you look delusional or dishonest. Now is the time to communicate with your audience in a calm, concise and honest way – communicate the facts with empathy.

Report on your market
It may be the case that your local market has not been impacted, in fact I know of some areas that are experiencing a surge in transactions, as buyers and sellers panic to finalise an outcome on properties because they believe the situation may get worse. However, this is certainly not the case in all areas. 

Never has it been more important to report regularly on your local market! Hyper-local market reports with current data, not last quarter’s, are very needed and most certainly wanted now. 

Keep your future sellers and buyers in the loop with what’s happening locally up to the minute and share examples and case studies. This way you can build a good relationship with your clients on social media and gain their trust. 

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Tiffany Wilson

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