What the Best Real Estate Agents Are Doing: Stu Benson – Episode 98

The best real estate agents know their market, its demographics, its historical issues, and the needs of the homeowners they serve – and they do the hard work of talking openly with their clients about whether they can expect to get their dream price or not.

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That’s according to Benson Auction’s Stu Benson, our guest on this week’s episode of Elevate. Stu has worked in the real estate industry as both an agent and an auctioneer for 19 years, beginning his own auction firm in 2010. To say he’s passionate about the auction process would be an understatement. 

Working alongside many agents and presiding over auctions regularly, he has a unique perspective about what’s happening in the real estate markets.

In this episode you’ll hear Stu discuss his strategies for running successful auction campaigns, his expectations for the Spring selling season, advice for marketing and social media, how he balances the demands of his growing family and his growing business, and much more. 

“I can tell the good agents when I get to auction day. The vendors still want to have a lofty reserve, but they are very willing to move if the market does what the agent said the market would do.

Whereas, I go to other auctions and there are vendors who I know haven’t been given any tough dialogue during the campaign or any doses of reality, and so come auction day, their head is in the clouds.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Stu got into real estate, and how he became a full-time auctioneer
  • Stu’s perspective on whether there is sunshine coming in Spring
  • How to talk to vendors about the right time to sell
  • Why you need to get in early if you’re going to be auctioning homes in the Spring
  • How agents can show sellers that all marketing costs are a worthwhile investment
  • What the good agents are doing right now
  • How Stu keeps his energy up and the balance in his life on point
  • The most valuable piece of advice Stu’s been given in his career
  • The word association game

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.