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We ain’t saying anyone is a gold digger…

Today is Kanye West's birthday and we are celebrating

When he’s not launching prefab affordable housing with YEEZY Home, Kanye West still #blessing us with some of the best gifs on the internet. Lucky for us, today (8 June) is his birthday, so we’re taking the chance to celebrate with some Yeezus reactions for your most frustrating agent situations (Shout out to our faithful band of readers who had a hand in this).

1. When you see another online listing that includes a closeup on the toilet

2. When you see the online photo carousel is missing the floor plan

3. When the seller asks why they should choose you

4. When you present the seller with an offer over the asking price

5. When the buyer says, "we're just browsing"

6. When you present the seller with direct feed back from the market

7. When you've moved areas and a colleague insists that auctions don't work

8. Agents in Sydney last year

9. When someone asks to use the bathroom at an open home

10. When the seller agrees to a price reduction on their over-priced property... but it's only by $1,000

11. When a buyer asks you what price the seller will definitely accept

12. When you've just spoken at AREC

13. When they won't give you their contact details at the open home

14. When they happily give you their contact details at an open home

15. When you're ready for a big Saturday

(May every Saturday be good to you!)

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Hannah Blackiston

Hannah Blackiston was an in-house journalist with Elite Agent. She worked with the company from January 2018 to January 2019.