Victorian high-achiever Anton Zhouk is set to go it alone

Victoria high-achiever Anton Zhouk has recently announced the launch of his own agency, Anton Zhouk.

Based in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, Mr Zhouk said he chose to set up shop there because he loves the area and would like to offer the client base something different.

“We have no interest in being known as the agency who sells the most number of homes; we want to be known for achieving the best possible results for our clients,” he said.

As to why he feels now is the right time to go it alone, Mr Zhouk recounted his experience of starting his career in a tightening market, and maintains he always wanted to open his own brand sooner or later.

“I was relentless at prospecting every day…It was the groundwork in the slower market which helped me build an incredible foundation for a great business that flourished when the market turned.

The agency will offer a full range of services including property management, and currently employs a team of four.

Mr Zhouk said his long-term goal is to build one of the most genuine teams and cultures in the business.

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