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Vic Real Estate Group turns to Acquire platform for advertising feedback

Greg Hocking Real Estate has announced a partnership with The Today Business to deliver a new approach in real estate advertising to its clients.

Greg Hocking Real Estate CEO Greg Hocking said advertising was a significant portion of the total spend of most real estate sales campaigns, but there was an industry-wide problem with lack of visibility regarding the real-time performance of digital marketing campaigns.

To render the situation, Mr Hocking turned to The Today Business’s Aquire platform to provide instant feedback about the effectiveness of a campaign, allowing agents to optimise their advertising spend and deliver more value to clients.

“We’re able to switch channels on and off depending on what’s working – and not working – for each specific campaign and give vendors real transparency about the value their marketing investment is creating for them,” he said.

“And, of course, we’re capturing and retaining user data for our own future use, enriching both our agent intelligence and customer experience.”

The Today Business Chair Antony Catalano said Acquire uses smart technology and advanced buyer intention data to “maximise valuable marketing and advertising dollars”.

“We believe that homeowners who are selling their largest asset should have access to the same sophisticated marketing practices as multi-national companies do,” said Mr Catalano.

“Acquire gives agents the ability to target buyers and track results in real-time at a listing level, and make dynamic changes to reflect campaign performance.”

Using a sophisticated multi-channel approach that includes display, native, video and social advertising, Acquire puts advertised properties in front of active and passive buyers anywhere they appear online – from news websites to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and eBay.

The Today Business General Manager Residential Trent Casson said they created Acquire to provide a better way for agents to manage, measure and align marketing efforts and business outcomes.

“It supports progressive agencies to improve their customer acquisition and retention efforts and elevate their marketing approach,” he said.

Leveraging real-time user insights, Acquire allows agents to decide where to spend their advertising budget based on which campaigns are working most effectively.

Users that match the buyer profile for a property are directed to the agency website – in this case, – when they engage with an online ad, allowing the agency to build its business intelligence, capture invaluable buyer data and expand its client database.

Mr Casson said the product’s performance speaks for itself, delivering “an average click-through rate well above the industry average”.

“As a future-focused business, we’ve invested heavily in creating an operating model and technology ecosystem that allow us to innovate and respond to evolving consumer and market forces in an agile way,” Mr Casson said.

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