Values alignment – why supporting a charity is more than doing the right thing

Barry Plant Group CEO Nigel O’Neil has announced the group will continue its support for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

The Announcement:

We’re about to launch into a full month dedicated to raising funds for Make-A-Wish. 

We’ve been supporting them for five years with our Wishtober initiative (which this year, because of lockdown has been shifted and renamed Wishvember.)

While the heavy lifting as far as donations is done by the offices donating a portion of their commission on all properties sold for the month, we’ve found that team members are just as excited to get into activities that raise funds too. 

From morning teas (when allowed) to running marathons to auctioning soft toy bears before a house auction, I’ve observed how these things energise our people and engage them with the brand.

There’s been a lot of research done recently (including a study from Atlassian and PwC Australia) on how important it is to have your team members aligned to your values. 

Whether that’s supporting great causes, having sustainability policies (and living them), working for true gender-diverse equality or providing vegan alternatives at staff lunches, your team members are measuring the values of the business leaders and the business.

If they don’t like these values, then a significant number will move on to a company that better reflects their mindset.

Recent market research that we carried out showed that agencies who were actively involved in working to improve their local community were moved up the list of agents to call in for a listing.

It’s something we’ve measured over a lot of years and it just keeps on getting more and more important to our clients.

Your logo on a sign on the fence at the local footy club isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Potential clients want genuine, measurable commitment and so do your team members. 

Source: Barry Plant

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Nigel O'Neil

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