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Aussie tech start-up Ubookr transforming how real estate agencies do business

Before the recent launch of trying to co-ordinate suppliers was a tricky task for real estate agencies. Synchronising the visits of photographers, floor-planners, copywriters and a long list of other suppliers often required endless emails or a complex, time-consuming ring-around.

Having made the job a whole lot simpler Ubookr’s new online booking platform has been enthusiastically welcomed by the industry. Already Ubookr has experienced a rapid take up, with many of Australia’s busiest agencies getting on board.

Agencies can now see available openings in the calendars of their suppliers online in real time and make instant bookings. A complex task which previously involved numerous phone calls or emails and could drag on for hours can now be completed in just seconds.

Behind the development of Ubookr is property photographer Cameron Curdie, whose many years in the industry convinced him of the need for such a service. “I used to spend so much time taking phone calls and juggling my diary, that it was constantly interrupting my work,” says Curdie. He is pleased at the feedback he is getting from other photographers now using Ubookr. “All of them are finding it far easier to stay focused on what they are shooting!” says Curdie.

As well as relying on his own experience, Curdie consulted heavily with agencies and suppliers during the 18 month development phase to create something which really fits the needs of business. Curdie also credits the popularity of Ubookr to his team of Sydney developers who have been able to build a sophisticated web site and phone app, which incorporate a range of very clever features.

Driving times between different jobs are automatically calculated, spacing out appointments so suppliers will always be able to arrive on time. Ubookr provides instant reminders of upcoming jobs and neatly links in with Google’s navigation service to provide directions. 

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-38-13-pmAgencies who have been using Ubookr have quickly grown to love its convenience. With just a few taps of their phone, agents can now instantly lock in appointments with each of the suppliers they require. This simple, highly efficient approach is great when on the road or in front of clients. The 24/7 availability of the app also provides busy agents with the added benefit of being able to make bookings at hours when suppliers wouldn’t normally be answering their phones. 

Geoff Smith from LJ Hooker Mosman has now been using Ubookr for several months and is amazed by how much easier it makes doing business. “Ubookr saves us an incredible amount of time, stress and wasted effort. I never want to go back to the bad old days of trying to arrange everything manually,” says Smith.

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