Trio writes almost $2M GCI in 12 months under Area Specialist

In the 12 months since joining Area Specialist, directors Harry Singh, Jake Wang and Adam Bindra have written almost $2 million in gross commission – all of which they will keep.

The three agents came together having spent their entire careers as franchise employees, and are now equal partners in their own venture at Wyndham in Victoria, with the support of Area Specialist.

Looking back at the first year in his own business, Mr Bindra said it had been incredibly rewarding.

“I’m so glad I made this decision, it wasn’t easy, we worked hard, it has been very rewarding and it’s only our first year,” he reflected.

Area Specialist Founder, Michael Choi paid credit to the three directors for taking the leap of faith to start their own business.

“They’ve put in the hard work to not just make it happen, but to thrive”. 

“They have made a huge impact in their local community and have a fantastic reputation, already receiving 107 five-star reviews on”

Mr Choi said the trio were prompted to join Area Specialist having come from a model that they felt didn’t reward their hard work.

“They were doing 50 transactions a year each but felt as though they were doing all the work yet not keeping the bulk of the rewards,” Mr Choi said.

“In their first 12 months they have opened an office, built a rent roll of 130 properties, enjoyed net organic growth, and have written $1,904,540 in gross commission, which they will keep all of.

“The rent roll growth hasn’t just been extra cash flow for the office, it’s also a fantastic asset they can borrow against or sell for approximately $400,000-plus.

“Building such an asset was not possible in their previous workplace.”

Mr Choi said agents chose Area Specialist for its clean branding and effective systems.

“We are very proud they have achieved so much in the first year, which is the hardest year”.

“Now that all the procedures and systems are in place, and they have strong momentum, it’s going to be interesting to see what records they break in their second year with Area Specialist.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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