TRG squad in training for worthy cause

Super fit Ray White TRG Managing Director Jarryd Rubinstein has top agents Patrick Cosgrove and Oliver Lavers on a gruelling training regime in preparation to tackle the Kokoda Track to raise money for brain cancer.

The trek is raising money for The Wolfy Foundation, a charity set up in memory of David Wolf who lost his battle with brain cancer in 2013 at age 23.

David Wolf was a very good friend of Mr Cosgrove, so the cause is incredibly close to home.

In less than a week the trio had raised more than $27,000 and counting.

The team is planning to complete the intense 96km hike through the dense Papua New Guinea (PNG) jungle in just four days rather than the usual 10.

They will set up camp at sunset every day and only walk in the daylight hours for safety.

The gents will set off in late June and have opted to carry their own 15kg packs, which will include their tents, food and water.

The trio will have a local guide and a satellite phone for emergencies.

The track, through the Owen Stanley Range in PNG, is renowned as the site of one of the bloodiest World War II battles between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942.

Mr Rubinstein, 39, who served as an Israeli commando 2005-2007, said the group was up for the challenge.

“I’m in charge of the guys but I know they are up to the task,” he said.

“I am a military history buff and I am so keen to see the track and what state it is now after being closed for two years and we’ll stop and appreciate what went on there.

“Patrick and Ollie have been schooling up on its history so they too can appreciate their surroundings.”

Four days a week at 5am, you’ll find Jarryd training Oliver and Patrick with 20kg backpacks on the Coogee and Tamarama stairs.

If you wish to donate to Kokoda Trek – The Wolfy Foundation click here

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