Transforming the Traditional Open House

It seems like everything these days is ‘going online’ and the real estate industry has caught the bug, transforming the traditional open house into an immersive, digital experience.

Sellers are selecting agents who provide more than image galleries, 360º panoramas and fly-through videos. They want an agent who can create an emotional connection with their property, by letting buyers get a real ‘feel’ for the space.

Creating a 3D showcase helps buyers engage with the property in their own time and at their own pace, stopping when and where they want to explore the space from many different angles.

“If a photo is worth a thousand words, a 3D model is worth a thousand photos to help potential buyers virtually tour your home,” says Third Floor 3D CEO Janeece Keller.

By putting the traditional open house into a 3D online world, agents can present their client’s property for sale in the best possible light. A 3D model can drive lead generation, providing a key point of difference for an agent from their competitors. It can also showcase a property to more potential buyers, capturing those interstate and internationally.

Unlike with traditional marketing tools, a 3D model allows aspiring buyers to ‘walk through’ a property online and gain a more accurate appreciation for its physical space and dimensions. Rather than replacing the traditional open house, 3D complements this aspect of selling a home by casting a wider online net for potential buyers.

3D models, such as those produced by The Third Floor 3D, are ideally suited to those real estate agencies looking to provide an immersive and truly engaging marketing package for their clients.

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