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Transforming after the storm

Two years ago Gardian Real Estate sales consultant Leanne Druery was crowned the winner of Transform 2017, but the gong didn’t come without its challenges.

After the win, she shared the inspiring story of her decision to return to the industry following the loss of her husband to pancreatic cancer.

Now, Leanne continues to prove there is no substitute for heart and courage – and that no matter how difficult things may get, storms don’t last forever.

Two years on from Transform, what lessons do you still draw on today?

Transform 2017 seems like a lifetime ago.

Back then I was in some heavy rain, trying to work out how to move forward and continue my real estate career while raising my teenage son and daughter and flying solo.

The lessons of Transform empowered me to not give up the career I loved.

Resilience and my fighting spirit kicked in thanks to an army of coaches, family, friends and community support.

Now, in 2019, I know that storms don’t last forever.

The sun is shining so much brighter in all areas of my life and I want to give others experiencing difficult times – HOPE…. Hold On Pain Ends

When you walk out the other side, it’s impossible not to see things differently. But when you have suffered you learn important lessons about courage, compassion and genuine concern for others. It gives clarity.

Daily rituals are so important to keep us on track to success. Every morning I start with gratitude. The 5am Club or the Fit, Energetic & Driven, as Josh Phegan says, is vital for my mental and physical health.

Then it’s business development/team meeting in the morning and back-to-back appointments in the afternoon.

A simple but effective schedule that works for me. I ’tilt’ every day and consciously don’t let the ‘noise’ override the priorities. What’s scheduled gets done.

I particularly loved 2019 Transform ‘Evolution time’.

The phone is off, and in the evening I now spend time with my family cooking dinner with a glass of wine – uninterrupted. Being on call 24/7 is the recipe to burnout. I want to play the long game!

How has your journey in the industry progressed from 2017 until now?

I went from selling 25 homes to more than 60 last year, which was unbelievable.

I am proud to now have a personal assistant and an admin assistant to help with my diverse portfolio.

Winning Agent of the Year for Mackay as voted by my vendors was special this year for our locally-owned business.

Just about every one of us will face adversity. How you handle the storm is the biggest predictor of how your life will be.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

In a new office space above our Gardian Corporate office in Victoria Street with my expanding team. I can’t wait!

I never give up learning, improving, transforming. So perhaps some other opportunities on the horizon.

Will you be at AREC this weekend?

Absolutely! Wouldn’t miss it for the world. The best real estate conference in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is your number one tip for anyone trying to overcome adversity?

Just about every one of us will face adversity. How you handle the storm is the biggest predictor of how your life will be.

Falling and vulnerability during this dark period is inevitable but staying down or playing victim is a choice.

In the words of Bryant McGill, “when the storm rips you to pieces, you get to decide how to put yourself back together and every storm is followed by a rainbow”.

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