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Top local agents open Ray White Pomona Hinterland

Successful operators, Phil and Sam Hargrave have opened the new Ray White Pomona Hinterland in the heart of their local market on the Sunshine Coast.

With over 30 years of real estate experience between them, Phil and Sam are a welcome addition to the Ray White family.

They have both formed strong relationships with their local community and believe this move to Ray White is the natural step in reaching the highest levels of customer service.

“We felt that we had reached as high as possible on our own, so we wanted to join the best and largest franchise group in Australia – and that’s what we did,” Mr Hargrave said.

“Being average is one of my greatest fears. I want to sit at that elite level and Ray White is definitely going to help us get there,” Mrs Hargrave said.

“The technology offered is so ahead of the game, the training is second to none, and the knowledge and support we have from the corporate team is outstanding.

“Being a top salesperson is similar to being an elite sportsperson but there are many components that don’t always come naturally. So to have the support of a great mentor and a group of specialists on hand is remarkable,” Mrs Hargrave said.

For this dynamic duo, Pomona is home, having spent the last 16 years living and breathing the Noosa Hinterland region. They are both passionate about real estate and the property industry.

“This is my lifelong career and we absolutely love what we do,” Mrs Hargrave said.

Ray White Queensland CEO, Tony Warland welcomed Mr and Mrs Hargrave to the group.

“We’re so excited to have Phil and Sam join our family,” Mr Warland said.

“They’re fantastic performers and bring a wonderful depth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

“We look forward to supporting them as they strengthen their business with Ray White because we know they cherish the relationship they have with the Pomona community and proudly serve the needs of those looking for investments or homes for their families.”

Over the next 12 months the main focus for the team will be building on their high-performing status, by continuing to serve their community with the best possible customer service and results.

“We were a strong business before but by combining with a great brand and cutting edge tools, we can deliver a much higher standard of service to our clients,” Mrs Hargrave said.

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