Top 10 takeaways from AREC 2021 – Day 2

AREC 2021 has just wrapped up on the Gold Coast

A host of great insights and takeaways were on offer on Day 2 of AREC 2021. From fear of rejection to social media marketing and productivity, here are our top 10 takeaways…

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Fear of rejection is in the imagination – Gary Vee

Joining AREC via video from New York, Gary Vee discussed the biggest barrier to prospecting – rejection.

“Fear of rejection is an imagination, it’s fake, you’ve got to practise through it,” he said.

In order to get comfortable with rejection, Gary has built a tolerance through ‘micro-losing’.

“It’s about getting to a place where your self esteem is not wrapped up in a no,” he explained.

“Rejection is such an imperative part of this game.”

He also noted most people spend too much time trying to be successful in other people’s eyes.

“Other people’s judgement – there is no question this is what is holding people back.”

Read the room, it’s not about us – Alex Jordan

Successful Brisbane agent Alex Jordan was next up on the main stage, sharing the story of how he turned his career around.

Part of his transformation involved building a brand via regular content.

Alex believes to be successful at social media and brand building, you need to be relevant and it’s important to do it in a way “that’s not show pony”.

“As agents we need to be better at reading the room,” he said. “It’s not about us.” 

An obstacle is an opportunity – Ryan Holiday

Author Ryan Holiday was back via satellite from the US to provide the second part of his session on overcoming ego.

This time his focus was perspective.

Ryan explained life doesn’t give you ‘rathers’. Life just happens but what we can control is how we respond.

“The obstacle is the way – everything that happens to us in life, even when it’s the opposite of what we had planned, is also an opportunity.”

Self care like there is no tomorrow – Anthia Koullouros

Anthia Koullouros shared her insight into everyday wellness, noting our nervous system is our 24-hour security system.

That means we need to give it presence and rhythm, feed it well and get back to nature.

“When you’re stressed, ask yourself: What can I see? What can I taste? What can I hear? What can I smell? What can I feel?” she suggested.

Citing Elizabeth Gilbert, she went on to note: “The person in the room who is the most relaxed is the one who holds all the power”.

The right people in the right seats – Maria Marillo

In the property management breakout room, Maria Marillo offered four lessons she has learnt in a career managing more than 92,000 properties.

Her first words of advice?

“In order to meet business objectives, you must have the right people in the right seats”.

“Owners can sometime be reluctant to have those hard conversations to make sure the people in their business are meeting the business objective,” she noted.

Meanwhile, employees need to be in a workplace where they feel valued, resonate with the culture and genuinely enjoy what they do.

Note: This is a summary post. To get our detailed notes, images, takeaways and more from each speaker, you’ll find those over on

Multi-tasking makes your day longer – Dr Amantha Imber

The final property management speaker was Dr Amantha Imber, who gave a valuable presentation about stress, time management, and working to your own productivity potential.

Among her great takeaways was one on multi-tasking, where she noted you’re not actually multi-tasking, you’re really task switching.

“It is impossible to focus on two things at one time,” she explained

To task switch, two things need to occur: you need to goal switch, then mentally activate the rules for what you are doing

The upshot? Research has found multi-taking means things take 40 per cent longer

“If you’re tempted to multi-task, remember it makes your day take longer,” she said.

Ask for the business – Josh Tesolin

In a much-anticipated session, high-performing agent Josh Tesolin took to the main stage to share his tips on ‘the official formula’.

Included in that was a rundown of exactly how he approaches marketing, and the types of things he says to vendors.

You’ve got to ask for the business, he noted, but don’t forget the question: “Have you definitely decided to sell?”

Raw authentic content is key – Lisa Novak

In one of the most popular presentations of Day 2, Lisa Novak discussed her focus on social media.

Explaining “raw content is key”, she said she uses social media as Plan A when it comes to marketing a property, and sees more traditional methods as Plan B.

She went on to share her social media tips and noted as a result of her strategy, 95 per cent of her appraisals are now from social media.

Monitor your thinking – Dr Guy Winch

Joining AREC from the US for Part 2 of his session on emotional first aid, Dr Guy Winch explained we need to monitor our thinking in a bid to manage loneliness, stress, and burnout.

“Our brain might be the most brilliant device in the universe, but it requires adult supervision,” he said.

That’s why you need to understand the signs of loneliness, burnout and stress, and address them accordingly.

Offering tips on how to address each, he noted monitoring your thinking involves proactive problem solving rather than just going over a problem in your head, time and time again.

It’s all about authenticity – Elle Macpherson

Winding up AREC for 2021 was Elle Macpherson, who was interviewed by Ellen Fanning via video.

Elle shared her journey from supermodel to international business owner, noting she had learned to trust her instinct along the way.

“It’s about making sure every business decision is aligned with the businesses’ values and mission and your own personal values and mission,” she said.

Meanwhile, she reflected the current era is all about authenticity.

When she started as a model, the more distant you were and the more mysterious you were, the more successful you were.

“Now, it’s all about authenticity. The more real you are, the more successful you are.”

Note: This is a summary post. To get our detailed notes, images, takeaways and more from each speaker, you’ll find those over on

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