Tips For Reaching Peak Performance: Wayne Pearce OAM – Episode 95

“Peak performance” is a term that can apply to many disciplines – sports, entertainment, business, politics – and one of the Australian legends known for performing at the very top of his game, in a quite literal way, is Wayne Pearce. Wayne’s reputation as a professional rugby league player and coach never fails to stir the people to whom he speaks. During his time in the league, Wayne was voted “Players player of the tour” for the undefeated 1982 ‘Invincibles’ Kangaroo Tour, winning the Harry Sunderland Medal as Australia’s best player in the 1984 test series against Great Britain, and captaining the New South Wales Origin team to the first-ever clean sweep in 1986. Wayne later coached the Blues in 2000 and was the only person to both captain and coach a series clean-sweep in the history of State of Origin. 

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It’s an honor to feature Wayne on this episode of Elevate. You’ll hear him tell a few yarns about his experience growing up, what it was like to break into the professional rugby league, and some of the lessons he’s learned about striving for his personal best as a player and coach. Wayne also shares how peak performance in the moment comes from being fully present in that moment, including the moments that make up sales conversations and other business interactions.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [3:19] How Wayne got his nickname, “Junior”
  • [4:37] Wayne’s dreams about rugby growing up – and getting past the setbacks
  • [7:18] Game 1 of the legendary 1996 matches – and the correlation to business
  • [11:10] Wayne’s leadership role at 22 – what he’d do differently now
  • [13:50] The 1992 “Invincibles” squad and how the team came together
  • [16:02] What made Frank Stanton such a great coach back in the day
  • [17:50] Identifying “marginal gains” and manage relationships to reach peak performance
  • [24:24] One mistake Wayne would correct in today’s leaders: lacking authenticity
  • [25:53] Wayne’s advice to his younger self
  • [27:14] The message Wayne will be communicating at the upcoming Business of Real Estate conference

Peak performance comes from what you focus on in the moment

There is much to be said for the hard work behind the disciplines required to excel in any endeavour. But once you’re in the game – or in the boardroom – you’ve got to be able to bring those practised disciplines to bear on the moment before you. That moment is where you need to be at your absolute best.

Wayne Pearce knows what it takes to win, both on and off the field. Harkening back to his rugby days, he says that his ability to lead and play at the level he did came from learning to be fully present in the moment. He says that’s the only way to set aside everything else and do your very best when it matters. 

Great leaders continue to learn throughout their entire lives

When asked if there are things he would do differently if he could go back and relive his days of leadership in the professional rugby league, Wayne says there are scores of things he’d change. He explains that great leaders are always learning, always growing, always changing the way they do things in order to reach peak performance for themselves and their teams. He can’t imagine NOT doing things differently were he able to go back in time.

Are you of the same mind? Do you make it a point to put yourself in a position where you can learn, grow, and develop as a person and as a leader? The upcoming Business of Real Estate Conference is one opportunity for you to hone your skills – and Wayne will be speaking there as well. Join him at the conference and experience his insight and wisdom first-hand.

A great leader empowers those they lead to believe in themselves

All of us have our down times – moments when we are discouraged or deflated. Wayne knows that is part of the human condition and believes that leaders are responsible to help those they lead move past the emotion of a given moment so they can realise their full potential.

In his study of leadership and psychology, Wayne has discovered that there are only 6 types of distress patterns (emotional responses or reactions) common to the human race. Once he understood that, he recognised that leaders who learn how to invite people out of those patterns are able to help them believe in themselves and reach their peak level of performance. Listen, to hear how Wayne does it.

The best relationships in teams and with customers are built on trust

During his days as a professional rugby player and coach, Wayne demonstrated to a watching world what is required to be a peak performer. Since establishing his coaching and consulting business he’s made it his goal to learn and apply the latest in psychology and neuroscience to the relationships that make up business and teams. He’s learned that he has to know how the human soul operates if he’s going to give his clients the results they need.

An example of the types of things Wayne teaches is illustrated in his explanation of how trust is built between two people. He says that you must acknowledge and share a common currency in the moment, which depends largely on how the other person likes to receive information. Are they only interested in the facts? What role does emotion play in their consideration? These and other questions can help you discover the best ways to interact with each person so that you can build the trust needed to reach peak performance together.

Listen and learn from this legendary leader – and find out how you can join him at the upcoming Business of Real Estate Conference.

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