The ‘unlucky 12’ mishaps agents pray they’ll never see again at an open home

They say no two days are the same in real estate, and when it comes to open homes, they’re right.

The goal is to shine a spotlight on a property and, hopefully, make potential buyers or tenants see little heart emojis, but sometimes things don’t quite go to plan.

That’s because you just never know who is going to walk through that front door.

Here are 12 things we think agents might prefer didn’t happen at their next open.

  1. When the owner that insists on being at the open house because you don’t know the property like they do.

(No really, it’s OK, I’ve got this)

2. When the tenant had an awesome time the night before, and they completely forgot about the open.


(“It’s only 20 minutes can you just pretend I am not here?”)

3. When prospective buyers bring their morning coffee and leave their cups behind.


(Do I look like a cleaner?)

4. If only you could install one of these, then everyone might just leave the light switches alone.


5. When you say, “No, you cannot use the bathroom,” but they still do.

6. The guy that arrives early and sneaks around the back like you won’t notice.

(The open times were clearly stated on the email, people.)

7. Or when they arrive two minutes before you’re about to lock up, and then make you late to your next open.


8. When they won’t give you their contact details. 



9. When the neighbour’s house party is still going strong the next day.


(When the description says peaceful neighbourhood!)

10. When everyone thinks it’s OK to park in the driveway and nobody can get out.


11. When a couple starts a domestic right in front of you #awkward.


(No, please, both of you go!)

12. Last but not least: When that guy or gal arrives whose housemates insisted he should “facetime when he gets there.”



What is your least favourite thing to happen at an open home?

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