The Trusted Agent Podcast: Terry Gray on how to take back your time, improve your efficiency, and become more effective

It’s no secret we’re in an age where time is a precious commodity. In an era of endless distractions, we are more time poor, less focussed and often trying to balance both technology and a never-ending list of tasks all demanding our attention.

As a result it’s taking a toll on our workplace performance and our personal satisfaction. But it doesn’t have to, according to behavioural coach Terry Gray.

Nearly 20 years ago, Terry identified he could help people improve their experience at work by better managing the way they think and operate. As a result, he founded Think Gray, a coaching business that helps people tap into their potential and enables them to flourish.

Terry now works with a range of clients to help them achieve better results in life by improving their efficacy, resiliency and work performance.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Terry discusses how you can become more efficient in your daily life while working towards your long-term goals.

He offers tips on how to be more organised and more prepared, and how to plan your time so you get the most out of your day while still allowing for the normal daily interruptions that we all face.

If you’re an agent or business owner looking to become more efficient and effective with your time to achieve lofty goals this podcast is for you.

“If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy. Think about who you want to be worthy of people’s trust. The authentic self is what people look for. Look at how you want to be, then be that person.” – Terry Gray

Sean and Terry also discuss:

  • How to become more efficient with your time by understanding that ‘later’ means ‘never’ and why you need to make a decision now. 
  • How to gain control of your day by making hard choices now and trusting your system.
  • Managing your time and becoming more reliable by understanding the difference between being fast and being hasty.
  • How to avoid falling into digital traps and how to manage your workflow by prioritising activities.
  • How to build trust by letting people know you actually care about them and not simply because of self-interest. 
  • The best way to become an effective leader by not telling people information but rather understanding your purpose and identifying what you want them to do and feel right now.
  • How to free up your brain to do real work and become your best self by being better prepared.
  • The most effective way to become relaxed and not anxious so your brain can be more efficient and work towards achieving your goals.

And much much more…

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