The Trusted Agent Podcast: Shane Kempton on finding your purpose, being genuinely curious, and staying true to your authentic self

When it comes to goal setting, self-discipline and sticking to a plan, the military is an organisation that well and truly fosters each of these skills.

After struggling early in his career in real estate, Shane Kempton spent five years working in the military including two years with the Special Air Service Regement (SASR) in a bid to become the best person he could be.

Since leaving the military and going back into real estate, Shane has gone on to run multiple businesses.

He has been a successful agent, published a best-selling book, become a business mentor and mindset coach and is now the State Director of LJ Hooker Western Australia and South Australia.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Shane discusses how to set up the right mental foundation so you can build a career in real estate the right way.

He also talks about finding your passion and purpose, and how to grow your business by being curious and authentic.

If you’re a new agent looking to carve out a career in real estate or if you’re running a real estate business and want to take it to the next level, this podcast is for you.

 “Whenever you’re in a leadership position, you have to give trust to gain trust. Good leaders earn trust, they don’t demand it.” – Shane Kempton

Sean and Shane also discuss:

  • How to craft your passion and purpose in life by focusing on your real-life experiences.
  • The dangers of technology and how it can take away from genuine relationships, and the most effective way to use it to your advantage in real estate.
  • The importance of being highly competent and knowledgeable when trying to build trust with others.
  • How to build trust with clients by being genuinely curious and interested in other people’s needs, rather than trying to fill your back pocket.
  • The importance of doing what you say you’re going to do and why if that’s not possible, you need to be honest about it.
  • How knowledge and competency dispel fear for both yourself and your clients and how you can use both to grow your career.
  • Why your background doesn’t matter when it comes to succeeding in real estate, you just need to know your area, be curious and authentic, and you can succeed.

And much much more…

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