The Trusted Agent Podcast: Ryan Rhoten talks branding, building credibility, and rewriting your story to put the client first

When it comes to creating brand recognition in real estate and beyond, the key lies in establishing credibility that builds trust.

But too often real estate professionals lose sight of the narrative by failing to see their value through the eyes of the consumer.

In this Trusted Agent podcast, Sean Scoffield sits down with leading American branding expert Ryan Rhoten to take a deep dive into the branding strategies that work to build credibility and trust within your target market.

The author of two successful books, Ryan fell into the world of branding by accident but is now on a mission to help others articulate exactly who they are and what they do.

He notes the most common mistake many agents make is to talk about themselves rather than what they do to help their clients. 

When that narrative shifts to focus on ‘what’s in it’ for the people they serve, that’s when real estate professionals have the opportunity to forge a true connection with prospective clients.

Drawing on his own experience and his insight gained from working with top-tier clients, Ryan explains great branding and true credibility is all about considering the value you provide and articulating that effectively.

This episode walks through exactly how that’s done, in the knowledge that ultimately, credibility creates trust, which is a key differentiator between success and failure when people research your brand.

“Trust is built the more confident you are personally when you talk about your business and how you help and serve others. Being able to clearly articulate who you are, how you help, and what you do builds instant credibility and trust with people,” Ryan Rhoten.

Ryan and Sean also discuss:

  • How salespeople can tread the fine line between talking about the value they add, without promoting themselves so much they come off looking insecure  
  • Which words to avoid and how to reframe your thinking when talking to your prospective clients about your brand
  • Why you will win every time you effectively articulate what you do and showcase your personality long before you meet a prospect in person
  • The biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn and social media and how this instantly puts prospective clients off
  • The top tips to nail the digital interview particularly when it comes to tapping the power of LinkedIn
  • Why sharing your expertise and insight creates credibility and the types of strategies agents and real estate professionals can use to employ this to best effect
  • The questions and conversations that build a long-standing and trusted relationship with an agent
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace a niche and how this can help you stand out from the crowd

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