The Trusted Agent Podcast: Phil Harris on helping and serving, maintaining high standards, and having an abundance mindset

If you’ve got a real estate issue and you need an honest answer, most South Australians would know to call Phil Harris.

Over the past 20 years, Phil has built a reputation as one of the most honest and respected sales agents and managing directors in the industry.

Phil operates Harris Real Estate, which he founded in 2010, and the company has gone on to become one of the most progressive real estate brands in Australia.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Phil discusses how he built his brand and reputation by putting the focus squarely on helping and serving clients, and detaching himself from any financial incentives.

He also discusses the importance of having an abundance mentality in real estate and in life, which will help you generate more business and service clients more effectively.

If you’re a new agent getting established in the industry or a principal or director looking to grow your business and establish a high-performing culture, this episode is for you.

“People lose credibility when they’re more committed to the deal than the consumer or the client is. That’s not just a real estate issue, it’s a human nature issue.” – Phil Harris

Sean and Phil also discuss:

  • The importance of being less dependent on the outcome of a transaction than the client to build credibility and grow your reputation and business.
  • Why it’s critical to embrace an abundance mindset and avoid coming from a place of scarcity to grow as a person and supercharge your business.
  • Why you should focus on a business model that aims to help as many people as possible with no financial attachment, then provide genuine advice and the money will begin to flow.
  • How to build and demonstrate confidence by working on being the very best you can in your profession and then just being genuine.
  • Why aiming to serve and help versus trying to get paid is the difference between the top agents in the country and those struggling to win listings.
  • Why it’s critical to start building a personal brand by helping people one at a time and then getting into the habit of helping people every single day.
  • Why telling the truth, being honest in every transaction, and helping people is how you build credibility and trust.

And much, much more…

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